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Hardware Alife

The CAM-Brain project



ATR, Japan

NeuroMorphic Systems

Information Mechanics department - researchers and offspring (Home of Tomasso Toffoli, Norman Margolus and Harris Gilliam) (MIT)


Nova Genetica,"your source for GA links and information" (site full of broken links)
Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
An Artificial Life FAQ (Caltech)
Avida - good classical 2D GP alife testbed (Caltech)
Open Directory project's alife links
Project Von Neumann
The Genetic Algorithms Archive - military-hosted site
Tierra | - Network Tierra
www.alife.com - starting life slowly
www.a-life.com - barely alive
www.artificial-life.com - bots manufacturer
www.alifegarden.com - a weird interactive online alife game?
The alive alife page
A Santa Fe report (also MANTA and LEE) (SFI)
Larry Yaeger's alife pages (with descriptions of ALife I and II)
ALife IV - a textual transcript (temporary new location)
Ms Guidance on alife
Tim Taylor (old site)
heleopg - A Tecnoscience Leaving Modernity - a whole thesis
ALGA - Artificial Life Group at Aizu
Ariel Dolan - Java applets and alife database
Claus Emmeche's pages
Edgechaos' complexity links
An alife intro
Biological principles in science
Max's alife links
The GeNeura alife team
Brandeis alife
Alife games home page


Bioele in Japan
Michael Lalena - links to a number of alife applets
Alistair Channon - AI through alife
Alife introduction - also CAs (calyps0)
Calresco - plenty of discussion
Kanada's complex systems home page - lots of links (Japan)
The 'permutationcity' site - by Matthew Caryl
Index of alife applets - Matthew Caryl
Primordial Life - with Windows screen saver
Geneura Team
IlliGAl - Illinois
Kaplan's Alife page
Applets for neural nets and alife (also Aiko's Links)
'Agent Based Learning' systems
Tom Cox's Pages
Scott Draves' images, notably, BOMB (CA) and Flame (IFS).
ART'CIAL LIFE - some good links.
Virtual Frankenstein and informational parasites - an Interview with Christopher Langton by Karlo Pirc
Digital Biology


GECCO (GP + GA 1999 conference)



Ants 98
Ant colony optimisation
Langton-style coloured VANTS (Applet)
Langton's ant
"JavaAntz" - A "Boid" Ant Simulator (cute)
Termites building piles - Matthew Caryl
Langton's Ant (Applet)

Boids, Flies and Swarms

Craig Reynolds' Boids
Alex's flies
A great Swarm applet - Matthew Caryl

Karl Sims

Karl Sims

Models using simulated physics

Framsticks - Virtual creatures
Karl Sims: "Blockies"
Gene Pool
Darwin Pond


Bio-Digital Substrate - spatialised alife project
Intelligent Systems - by Brendan Kitts
Links on Complexity, Self-organization and Artificial Life (COMSELLI - Principia Cybernetica)
Evolutionary Systems and Artificial Life notes by Luis Rocha
Alife software (Mac)
Bill Hill's alife software (Mac)
'Evolve People' - science fiction theories
Digital library of PDP group (Greece)
Stewart Dean's guide to alife
Rome - research group on alife
Simulated honey bee - using SWARM
Bitozoa simulation
Mac Alife - Ishihama Yoshiaki - also Windows screensavers
Simulating an artifical ecosystem - in Java
Evolutionary art programs
Evolutionary computer graphics
Individual Based Models - links
Singularity site
Singularity institute

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