Lotus flower
Lotus Artificial Life
Lotus  - an explanation of our icon
HAL  - our Hardware Artificial Life (Java applet)
HexHAL  - a hexagonal version of HAL (Java applet)
Crystal 2D  - 2D template-based replication (Java applet)
Crystal 1D  - 1D template-based replication (Java applet)
Revoworms  - reversible self-replicating worms (Java applet)
EoSex  - a study of the evolution of sex (Java applet)
Gozilla  - an (embryonic) go program (Java applet)
Random  - simple random number generation (Java applet)
Firefly  - attaining global synchrony (Java applet)
Essays  - topical writings about biology
Links  - related material online

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