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Programmable logic links


FPGA boards

  • Nova-eng and their Constellation board
  • Acquisition Systems - and their 'RIOPCI' card
  • Automatic synthesis - of self-checking FPGA software
  • "Chase" - FPGAs and links
  • FCCM Field-programmable Custom Computing Machines
  • FPGA-97 | FPGA-98
  • Mapping Algorithms for LUT FPGAs
  • Rapid FPGA prototyping
  • PEDAL group - Parallel Emergent Distributed Architecture Laboratory (Reading)
  • www.gigaops.com / Reconfigurable computing StarBridge Systems - FPGA "hypercomputer"
    DynaChip - FPGAs
    "Cool PLD"
    CSRC - hardware from the NSA (Prototype)
    FPGA Technologies - an FPGA software supplier


    FPGA books - and VHDL books
    freecore.com - VHDL book reviews, by Rune Baeverrud

    Journals and News

    Programmable Logic News and Views - a journal
    Electronic Design Technical News

    Smart RAM

    The Berkeley Intelligent RAM (IRAM) Project
    PPRAM Project's Home Page
    Computational RAM


    • Tera - coarse model with shared memory
    • NGEN and...
    • SpeedUp - a society for fast computing

    Concurrent Systems Architecture Group

    NASA Goddard's work
    Configurable Computing Lab
    RAGE - Reconfigurable ARchitecture Group (Glasgow)
    Splash 2 (strangeness at Virginia Tech)
    Dynamically reconfigurable hardware (also Optically reconfigurable FPGAs) (Bournemouth)


    Evolutionary circuit design

    An Introduction to Evolvable Hardware By Marco Tomassini and Moshe Sipper


    Evolutionary Hardware Yellow Pages (Japan)
    ETL Evolvable Hardware Group (Japan)
    Microchip self-evolution


    • ICES 98 International Conference on Evolvable Systems (Lausanne)
    • ICES 97 International Conference on Evolvable Systems (Lausanne)
    • ICES 96 1st International Conference on Evolvable Systems: "From Biology to Hardware"



    Java -> Verilog - from Lavalogic


    Embedded Solutions - boards and Handel C - (Old site?)
    "Special Offer to universities" - from Embedded Solutions;
    Micro Call Ltd - Xilinx pages
    EnTegra Ltd Home Page - in the DSP field...
    Doulos - VHDL/Verilog training and HDL-based FPGA and ASIC designs
    Orcad Capture, Orcad Express, Orcad PSipce
    Archaeoptryx - Xilinx Full Chip Design, Core Design, VHDL/Verilog Development
    Alphadata - FPGA boards
    Nallatech - FPGA boards
    Saros - VHDL and Verilog design tools
    EDA - the makers of "Protel for Windows"
    NMI - Xilinx programmable logic cores
    Enspire - programmable logic consultancy
    ISS DSP - FPGAs for DSP
    Direct Insight Ltd - Viewlogic and FPGA Express, support, training and consulting
    Computer Solutions
    Sundance - boards
    Kanda Systems Limited - cheap boards


    www.compilogic.com | www.aedar.com | www.silicon-spice.com
    MAARC - Models, Algorithms, Architectures for Reconfigurable Computing
    Peter Andersen - an EH thesis
    Zik Saleebs's general programmable logic thesis
    Erlang - a concurrent, functional programming language
    Ray Andraka

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