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Andromeda Script

Here the ship's Nietzschean engages in a philosophical discussion while playing Go with the ship's captain:

Dylan:I've been playing Go with you for three years, now. Why do you still treat winning like it's a matter of life and death?
Rhade:Because it is. You don't really understand Nietzscheans, do you?
Dylan:Enlighten me.
Rhade:To lose is to be proven inferior. If I'm inferior, my genes are suspect, and no Nietzschean female will choose me. If no Nietzschean females will choose me, I can't reproduce. Then, when I die, my genes die. But if I win, that indicates my genes must be good. I get chosen by more females. And the more I get chosen, the more I pass on my genes. The more my genes get passed on, the more of me lives, eternally. To a Nietzschean, a game is never just a game.
Dylan:That's a pretty cold way to look at life.
Rhade:Truth is cold.
Dylan:Maybe, but if you ask me, you're missing out on a lot.
Rhade:Like what?
Dylan:Like love.
Rhade:Oh. We have love.
Dylan:I'm not talking about being nice to others. I'm talking about what I feel for Sarah. Love, Rhade. It''s like magic.
Rhade:There is no magic, just science you don't understand. You may feel intensely attracted to your fiance. You may feel pleasure when you breed, but this isn't magic. Your DNA has evolved this way so you'll reproduce. Nietzscheans know this explicitly. That is why the most important thing a Nietzschean female can give her chosen male is the double helix. It represents the male and female's DNA, now bound together by metal. It confers the most honored titles a Nietzschean male can hold husband and father. You see, it's not that we don't love, it's better. Because everything we do furthers our reproduction. Everything in our lives is an intense, sexually charged negotiation.
Dylan:All right, I think we've just reached the, uh, too much information stage.

The Nietzschean goes on to cheat at the game - but the captain catches him in the act.

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