Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Links

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Java Database Development

Java JDBC Programming

Resources at Javasoft


Developing JDBC Servlet Applications - an alternative to CGI, by John Kirby
How to Use Java and JDBC To Access a Database
Network Computing article on JDBC
Java World article: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
Integrating Databases with Java via JDBC
Java Reference: JDBC - Java Cat
JDBC - Java Database Connectivity - Top Rated Websites (Lycos)
Java Database Connectivity - at "JavaToys", by Nico Tranquilli
Java Database Connectivity - by Dr Adrian Vanzyl
JDBC - Java Database Connectivity Links - at "roaster"
Book site with example code - Java Database Programming - Brian Jepson
JDBC - A Persistant Storage for Java Objects - JavaCats - by Qusay H. Mahmoud
Focus on Java - Mining Company - JDBC Books
Behind The Scenes With JDBC - (with sample code)
JDBC - Java Access to SQL Databases - CMP (Roedy Green's usual brand of common sense)
Prototype JDBC FAQ

JDBC Books and Book reviews

"Learn JDBC" page
JDBC drivers for M$ Access

Web application development

Instant Online - Servlet veneers over JDBC for rapid site creation
Allaire - makers of ColdFusion
Mercury MallMaker - Mercury Mallmaker will be a server-side Java product for store management

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