John Conway's Game of Life links


Game of Life Java applet
Introduction to life with Java - Andreas Ehrencrona
Exploring Emergence - Java applet
Life applet - Java applet + Javascript
Game of Life in three dimensions - Java applet
3D cellular automata
Xiaoming Liu's simple applet


Alan Hensel - and his amazing Life Java applet
David Ingalls Bell
Dean Hickerson
Paul Callahan - Java
David Eppstein - gliders
Mark D. Niemiec
Achim Flammenkamp
Jason's Life Page
Stephen Silver's Life Page
Eric's Treasure Trove of Life


Life Lexicon - home page
A hexagonal life variant
A Turing Machine implemented in Conway's Game Life
Life Info page

Other programs

Life32 by Johan Bontes - Conway's Game of Life freeware for Windows |